Demolition specialists

Certainties makers.

Men and technology for swift optimisation

The DEMCO staff is composed of professionals who are specialised in controlled demolitions, continuously accumulating hands-on experience that is in many respects unique in its field. Work procedures are based on the most advanced concepts of “teamwork” and “work in progress”, led by the DEMCO technical department which programs logistic and operational coordination in every phase of the job. In addition to the most efficient and versatile demolition tools available, our technological resources include construction machines for lifting and removal..

Our results are our best guarantee

DEMCO experience in controlled demolition is the best affirmation of its technical skills in diversified situations whether for logistics, architectural context, fields or operational complexity.
Projects include interventions undertaken within fully functional industrial areas, demolition completed without involving surrounding buildings or installations, removal of elements that are difficult because of their position, height, size and structure. On each project, DEMCO has demonstrated solid technical/organisational skills, in addition to being able to go beyond demolition, offering customers consulting and detailed optimised action plans.