Demolition specialists

Certainties makers.

Specialists serving businesses

With over a decade of top level operating experience and facilities aimed specifically at controlled demolition, DEMCO is a leader in its field, a “troubleshooter” able to successfully intervene in a wide range of needs and construction conditions. .
DEMCO is a true partner for businesses and companies in need of demolition, disposal and operations employing pinpoint precision, specific technology for meeting customer demands, and safeguarding surrounding buildings and installations.

We “demolish” problems, even tough ones

In addition to DEMCO’s commitment and leadership qualities in the field, the company is able to focus on specific customer needs, even in the most difficult and complex situations. Uniting specialistic experience, human resources and effective technology, DEMCO can demolish any type of building or architectural structure perfectly and in the least invasive way, even the most problematic ones.
There is always a solution: And DEMCO knows how to find it. Even in the most complex cases, DEMCO analyses problems and finds the most functional solutions.